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Our club is located in Arendal, the capital of the county Aust-Agder, in the southern part of Norway. We meet every Thursday at 6:30 pm in Nedre Tyholmsvei 9B, and we welcome all Rotary members to join us. Most meetings are held in Norwegian, but we'll do our best to welcome you and translate some of the content for you during the hour-long meeting.

Please look at this website for further information about the town and the surroundings.
Our local newspaper, Agderposten, has a lot of interesting information. The newspaper is written in Norwegian.
If we can assist you in any way or if you need information from us, please contact us by e-mail: arendal@rotary.no

Sosiale medier

Meeting info

Venue: Arendal Seniorsenter
Address: Nedre Tyholmsvei 7
Postal Code: 4836
City: Arendal
Country: NO
Day: Torsdag
Time: 18:30:00
Language: no

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